Plaza Ochavada
Plaza Ochavada

26 Apr 2019Posted By: Encarni Hinojosa Ramos

It is indeed a reason to be curious with all its important monuments, not to mention its fascinating history and the beautiful landscapes near the urban district, that it is for the most recent of them that the city is famous far beyond its borders: the Plaza Ochavada.

This beautiful architectural specimen was built between 1780 and 1786 according to designs drawn up by the master builders Francisco Astorga and Antonio González Sevilla. The Town Hall of that period gave them responsibility for fixing up and making sanitary improvements to this place that up until then had been a malodorous manure dump and, evidently, a breeding ground for disease. While providing the city with a modern urban space, born out of the progressive ideas of the Age of Enlightenment, it also alleviated the unemployment that existed at that time.

Its famous octagonal shape has clear precedents in French tastes of the era. It is significant that Antonio González Sevilla’s father was French, and some writers see in this plaza certain influences from the Vendôme in París, which was a reference in many construction projects in the neighbouring country. Never the less, an unmistakable Mudéjar influence can be seen in the decorations of the façades.

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