Fuente De Los 100 Canos
Fuente De Los 100 Canos

04 Jan 2019Posted By: Encarni Hinojosa Ramos

The exuberant birth of water, which gives life to this human work attached to the rock, surprises, as a great spectacle of light and sound, to all who come to know it.

It is the Fuente de los Cien Caños - actually it has one more -, a natural monument of Andalusia located in the vicinity of Villanueva del Trabuco, which enjoys a just reputation. The fountain, gigantic, channels the water that flows from the Sierra de San Jorge, constituting the most important contribution of the Guadalhorce River in its initial stretch.

It is located in the Sierra de San Jorge, at the eastern end of the Sierra de Camarolos, and is part of the known as the Central Limestone Arch Malagueño. The fountain is traditional place of entertainment for the residents of Villanueva del Trabuco and the rest of the region.

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